Friday, 28 May 2010

Making History

The first article on the Marlowe theory of Shakespeare authorship to be accepted by a peer-reviewed academic journal is published this week. Rethinking History, a cutting-edge History journal founded and edited by leading postmodern historian Alun Munslow, leads this month's issue (14:2) with Exploring Biographical Fictions: The Role of Imaginination in Writing and Reading Narrative.

Alun Munslow's editorial describes the article thus:

"[T]he first essay in this issue by Rosalind Barber is a dazzling analysis of not just the constitution of literary biography but of how the 'stories' created about people in the past are necessarily fictive. Invoking the genre of biography (a growing hot topic among historians), Barber points out and explores (fictively?) the past, history, poetry and the wonderfully factious nature of our engagement with the time before now. I may not recover from the way she moves across the Marlovian and Shakespearian world."

I love that question mark after "fictively". And yes, I'm thrilled

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  1. I knew I knew you! And you're still working away on Marlow: well congrats on the article and the feedback is mighty. Love that word, fictively.